David Alaba speaks with PSG! + Lacazette has THREE summer options!

3. Ožu 2021.
40 214 Pregleda

On today's OneFootball Daily News... Bayern Munich's David Alaba speaks to PSG, Arsenal's Lacazette has some big choices to make in the summer as he's linked with moves to Atletico Madrid, Roma and Monaco, Chelsea eye a new signing, plus all the latest transfer news and rumours!
Check back Monday to Friday for the OneFootball Daily News, plus all the other Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and European and world football content we have going up on the channel regularly!
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  • If you were Lacazette, where would you prefer to play next season? Stay at Arsenal or move to Roma, Atletico Madrid or Monaco?

    OneFootball EnglishOneFootball EnglishPrije mjesec
    • @Gerardo Kasen Awesome! Took like 15 minutes but it worked!!

      Xzavier DeandreXzavier DeandrePrije 23 dana
    • dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Find it on google xD

      Gerardo KasenGerardo KasenPrije 23 dana
    • @David Garcia 😂😂😂

      Finn PortlockFinn PortlockPrije mjesec
    • Roma!

      Felix StaabFelix StaabPrije mjesec
    • Roma, who could really do with a striker

      Tone Mette Elstrøm GunnerødTone Mette Elstrøm GunnerødPrije mjesec
  • USA! USA! USA! 🇺🇸 😂 ✌🏾 #Worldcuphost

    I Am LI Am LPrije mjesec
  • India.

    Lakshya AryanLakshya AryanPrije mjesec
  • Alaba wants to play more as a midfield and while he’s a world class LB/CB he is still good in midfield but he wouldn’t be worth it for any club

    Jude DarcyJude DarcyPrije mjesec
  • When was Varane Linked to Man United it’s Liverpool he’s linked too

    bish390bish390Prije mjesec
  • K

    ICYCrewICYCrewPrije mjesec
  • The 2030 world cup should be in uruguay

    David FigueroaDavid FigueroaPrije mjesec
  • Angelina's pronunciation of non British names is always fascinating

    Seb HortonSeb HortonPrije mjesec
  • Greece is the best place for World Cup. Greece has everything: cultural heritage,the nicest weather in Europe(objectively speaking), wonderful places AND a huge stadium in the capital for the football.

    bill lempidakisbill lempidakisPrije mjesec
  • Korrekt ! Player only want to earn money go to Psg!

    Ak-DevilseyeAk-DevilseyePrije mjesec
  • Buot

    Oswaldo SandovalOswaldo SandovalPrije mjesec
  • I feel like Angelina is trying to whisper to me

    Manuel MaiskyManuel MaiskyPrije mjesec
  • Trinidad could keep world cup

    Justin ThomasJustin ThomasPrije mjesec
  • Women's football news?

    worldclassworldclassPrije mjesec
  • By the way do any of u know what happend to seri a match lazio v s torino which should have taken place on 2/3/2021

    Football AlbumFootball AlbumPrije mjesec
  • 🇬🇧

    DESMOND LewisDESMOND LewisPrije mjesec
  • I love Spain

    Ronny HugginsRonny HugginsPrije mjesec
  • where ever it may be please pray that people are allowed in stadiums no one wants a world cup without fans

    Football AlbumFootball AlbumPrije mjesec
  • Can this lady take her little time and speak please

    Esric WilliamsEsric WilliamsPrije mjesec
  • I watched the video but who wants to be on my Champions League 2nd leg Round of 16 predictions on my channel comment on my channel or send a video link and I will put your predictions on that video

    Ben the Football KidBen the Football KidPrije mjesec
  • Angelina is here. Crystal palace going down. Red are marching on.❤️❤️❤️

    Ak 4T7Ak 4T7Prije mjesec
  • imagine Ramos and van dijk in the some defense

    Ahmad JamshidiAhmad JamshidiPrije mjesec
  • Lives in Berlin and says Gladbatsch = not really good! ;)

    Gérard DepardieuGérard DepardieuPrije mjesec
  • United media houses are grinding overtime circulating these Varane rumors lol . How does Ramos and Alaba penning down a contract automatically puts Varane up for sale ?? Ramos is 35 and Alaba is a LB ( Yes his short time as CB has seen some horrific defending , madrid are better off with Nacho , who's doing bottom line "superb" ) .. so why would Real Madrid sell a 27 year old WC and multiple CL winning defender who has got solid 6 years ahead of him commanding Real Madrid's back line , Doesn't make sense at all . Ramos leaving Madrid for PSG or United in some way makes sense but selling Varane .. nah.

    Sankhadip MazumderSankhadip MazumderPrije mjesec
  • Alaba to psg I could see happening

    Alex QuintanaAlex QuintanaPrije mjesec
  • *FFP exists* PSG and MAN CITY : Imma destroy his career

    Sankhadip MazumderSankhadip MazumderPrije mjesec
    • @Dammit I'm mad why would i look at facts about a stupid youtube comment?

      fpl playerfpl playerPrije mjesec
    • @fpl player You have so many means to check the facts, but you still manage to look st.upid.

      Dammit I'm madDammit I'm madPrije mjesec
    • @The Prodigy ur not very bright ARE YAH

      fpl playerfpl playerPrije mjesec
    • @The Prodigy Neymar's salary is 60 mil and Mbappe's 28 ... just that makes up 88 mil which psg dishes out every year for 2 players and we haven't yet got to the rest of the players 😂 and that doesn't ring bells for ffp ?

      Sankhadip MazumderSankhadip MazumderPrije mjesec
    • Bruh? Last time psg spend money was ages ago

      The ProdigyThe ProdigyPrije mjesec
  • South Africa again! Just for the vibes🎶

    Stefan LinksStefan LinksPrije mjesec
  • Real should let Ramos go to PSG and sign Alaba & Varane Courtious, Carvajal, Mendy, Varane, Alaba = OP for 5 Years Atleast.

    Shashwat GuptaShashwat GuptaPrije mjesec
    • You just want a sweaty team on fifa dont you

      Big ChungusBig ChungusPrije mjesec
  • That‘s a lot of „BUT“

    Trisham DurbarryTrisham DurbarryPrije mjesec
  • The first one minute and fifteen seconds was the longest I’ve seen Angelina go without saying ‘but’

    Rasaayen NaidooRasaayen NaidooPrije mjesec
  • OFCAUSE I hit that like button..

    Jaseem CenaJaseem CenaPrije mjesec
  • TGB: A lil bit (or maybe a lot xD) of bias here, but Australia 1, never hosted it before, if FIFA say every country has a fair chance, then make it a fair chance 2, we have some of the biggest stadiums in the world for, with purpose built ones around 50k capacity, and ones that can be used for it higher, culminating in the MCH at 100,026 3, we are a sports loving nation 4, and this is less of a tournament reason more of an Australia reason, the sport is dying here, Qatar getting that world cup (though bribery, let's be real) really may have dealt a death blow to the sport, Qatar is completely unsuited for the WC, that's down to geography, but Australia, a rich, safe, nation, with many facilities already ready, somehow missed out, if not remedied the sport will die in Australia and probably not get back up, a WC would go a long way to help that sure a bit of bias, there, but still, 'Straya

    Scott DallyScott DallyPrije mjesec
  • Alaba to Madrid. Ramos reaches agreement with Real Madrid and extends for extra 3 years. Pepe somehow gets 6 years younger and joins back to real madrid. Cristiano ronaldo reaches agreement with real madrid for extra 2 years. "Wakes up from dream" fakkkkkkkkk didn't wana wake up

    Reda HashReda HashPrije mjesec
  • I think America Or Spain

    Cool Josh and Cool PhebaCool Josh and Cool PhebaPrije mjesec
  • Monaco is the right choice for Lacazette his game goal will step up again

    Joel Lil-moJoel Lil-moPrije mjesec
  • Lacazette should his time is up could get around 20 mill for him tho he has 1 year left and paying him 180k a week isn't worth bellerin should also go with him

    EyeTest's Actual SonEyeTest's Actual SonPrije mjesec
  • Do u thing Chelsea should swap Barkley for the player they want to get that way Chelsea don’t spend money

    Random ClipsRandom ClipsPrije mjesec
  • i don't think tat England will hist the world cup but your reasoning for Spain are the exact same for England they have very famous stadiums such as old traford the emerates and anfeild ad they haven't hosted the world cup since the 60s

    Otis HealyOtis HealyPrije mjesec
  • Today's news didn't have time stamps. I'm not complaining. I was just spoiled by the luxury of having them.

    Ezekiel NduliEzekiel NduliPrije mjesec
  • Dont know if its only me but Lacazette keeps on signing for Athelti on my Career mode saves

  • Uruguay-Argentina is the best place for 2030 worldcup to celebrate 100 years of world cup

    Dipesh PanditDipesh PanditPrije mjesec
  • I believe Alaba should go to Man City, so he can go back to playing LB in Pep's system, it would be incredible and would make Man City more unstoppable than they alrdy are... Imagine a backline with Alaba, Stones/Laporte, Dias and Cancelo/Walker...

    Mr. DyceMr. DycePrije mjesec
    • @Bull R6S well, he does play midfield in his NT...

      Jonathan LJonathan LPrije mjesec
    • @Bull R6S Under pep defenders are strikers

      Never SpokenNever SpokenPrije mjesec
    • @Bull R6S IZE Bull that is bs he wants to play LB

      rdfgg gghvdfrdfgg gghvdfPrije mjesec
    • I don’t 🔴🔴🔴

      Katie GransdenKatie GransdenPrije mjesec
    • Alaba doesn't want to play LB/CB anymore, he wants to play CM.

      Bull R6SBull R6SPrije mjesec
  • Well I want India to host world cup But here people are just obsessed with cricket and building more stadiums for cricket rather than a decent stadium for football

    F2P GamerF2P GamerPrije mjesec
  • France or Portugal

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14Prije mjesec
    • No.

      leon mullerleon mullerPrije mjesec
  • I think he wld be a good fit for Leipzig to replace Werner since sorloth isnt really up to there quality since arriving from crystal palace

    Brandon CallachanBrandon CallachanPrije mjesec
  • Mein Vater ist schwul

    Michael NorbergMichael NorbergPrije mjesec
  • Ii think Haaland will join Norwich.

    Starwars What IfStarwars What IfPrije mjesec
    • @44jev0ner No play pukki along side Haaland and play 442.Maybe.

      Starwars What IfStarwars What IfPrije mjesec
    • To warm the bench for Pukki?!

      44jev0ner44jev0nerPrije mjesec
  • Monday's daily news: Angelina appears Tuesday's daily news: Matt is back Wednesday's daily news: Angelina is back So does that mean that now Matt and Angelina will appear on alternate days?🤔🤔OR it is a mere co-incidence?

    Bilal Ahmed ShariffBilal Ahmed ShariffPrije mjesec
  • World Cup in Africa again 😍

    BransonBransonPrije mjesec
  • Angelina uses "but" so much her sentences end up making no sense!

    tintinsimontintinsimonPrije mjesec
  • India should at least get to host one senior world cup. The u-17 wc in 2017 was a huge success. I hope FIFA officials consider our country.

    Sambit BasuSambit BasuPrije mjesec

    Diarmuid ForrestDiarmuid ForrestPrije mjesec
  • Yo I mean we will take Alaba and Ramos, but we will not be benching Kimpembe, just saying

    KombéviKombéviPrije mjesec
  • Alaba to Madrid it is not happening trust me

    heinz ketchupheinz ketchupPrije mjesec
  • TMJ Hope He Buys Valencia

    Ashvinaash AnanthanAshvinaash AnanthanPrije mjesec
  • Imagine a World Cup final at the new Bernabeu 😍⚽️

    Real MadridReal MadridPrije mjesec
  • Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg whould be a nice world cup host. The Netherlands are one of the best nations in the history of the football and they never hosted a world cup.

    Tobias DreizweieinsTobias DreizweieinsPrije mjesec
    • @Tobias Dreizweieins 🙏

      Jude DarcyJude DarcyPrije mjesec
    • @Jude Darcy I hope that it will become true and you are able to see the teams in the Stadions! :) Greetings from Germany.

      Tobias DreizweieinsTobias DreizweieinsPrije mjesec
    • it would be my dream as a dutch guy

      Jude DarcyJude DarcyPrije mjesec
  • WTF is PSG everywhere like literally every transfer is somehow linked to them or even if they are not related to any transfer, they will just come to poke their nose .....( it was meant in a funny tone .... NO HATE PLS )

    Sujata PaulSujata PaulPrije mjesec
    • I mean city.

      leon mullerleon mullerPrije mjesec
  • I would like to have the world cup in india, believe me my country has a lot of talent but due to educational and poverty reasons and the fact that cricket is more loved and encouraged, football in india is lacking interest so if they host the world cup, who knows maybe they can also become a strong team just like how russia and challenge for major trophies..

    Yahsan 1911Yahsan 1911Prije mjesec
  • I want Alaba, Sule and Boateng to Chelsea but Hofmann is a big nono because Hofmann is one of the best Gladbach players and I feel like Gladbach will not want to sell Hofmann, But if he does go to Chelsea I would love it unless they keep Neuhaus

  • To think you didn't recap any of the mid week games that took place..transfers is not all this channel is about but a segment

  • as manoco are a better club then arsenal so what's the point of leaving he will get less game time cause manoco are a better team

    English Corner InstituteEnglish Corner InstitutePrije mjesec
  • UK and Ireland would be ideal for the WC, we have great stadiums, fans and footballing history.

    David WiltonDavid WiltonPrije mjesec
  • Laca to Monaco he was quality at lyon imagine ben yedder and laca

    Yaseen KalamYaseen KalamPrije mjesec
  • Papi

    faze fluffsfaze fluffsPrije mjesec
  • I'm pretty sure Alaba said he wants to play midfield right?

    DDPrije mjesec
  • Might sound mad but laccazette would be good at utd

    sol portersol porterPrije mjesec
  • One football is very bald

    MLG Pro Minecraft GamerMLG Pro Minecraft GamerPrije mjesec
  • Man City don't need veterans from other clubs because we have quite a few plus our young squad are experienced enough to smash every team.

    Let Love LeadLet Love LeadPrije mjesec
    • @Monamela Mokhesi his moment to shine if finally here

      Let Love LeadLet Love LeadPrije mjesec
    • @Let Love Lead guy is underappreciated

      Monamela MokhesiMonamela MokhesiPrije mjesec
    • @Monamela Mokhesi Zinchenko is doing well at the LB

      Let Love LeadLet Love LeadPrije mjesec
    • True

      Monamela MokhesiMonamela MokhesiPrije mjesec
  • Props to one football editers . This recording it's made in the same day and also edited in the same day and upload it on the same these additives are really fast it good

    Mustafa MashhoodMustafa MashhoodPrije mjesec
  • Morocco to host it

    Jonathan NomaJonathan NomaPrije mjesec
  • Best channel ever👊🏾

    Nader AlbakowerNader AlbakowerPrije mjesec
  • Definitely not Qatar

    neelneelPrije mjesec
  • Hi

    rakenbonerakenbonePrije mjesec
  • i completely agree with the answer to the great debate. The stadiums in Spain are just incredible. The nou camp, the wanda metropolitano, the mestalla and the obviously the bernebaeu (after it is remade then it will probably even more amazing) are all amazing stadiums.

    Miguel JaquesMiguel JaquesPrije mjesec
  • stay

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 14Prije mjesec
  • If England hosts the World Cup all matches will be played at Wembley😂😂

    Sarvesh KSarvesh KPrije mjesec
    • 😂😂😂😭

      Dumisani MashininiDumisani MashininiPrije mjesec
    • nah landsdowne

      SeánSeánPrije mjesec
    • Well you can say we’re going to Wembley

      Katie GransdenKatie GransdenPrije mjesec
    • @Daniel De goat You didnt get the joke here.

      Sarvesh KSarvesh KPrije mjesec
    • There are many big stadiums in England you know

      Daniel De goatDaniel De goatPrije mjesec
  • England need to host

    Thomas LuptonThomas LuptonPrije mjesec
  • Where is maat lol

    FireッFisッ AceFireッFisッ AcePrije mjesec

    oLogical YToLogical YTPrije mjesec
  • Gonna miss Laca, but I swear if we take Diego Costa as a replacement, I'll be pissed.

    KIhairil Amirul ImranKIhairil Amirul ImranPrije mjesec
    • @KIhairil Amirul Imran im a Manchester United fan 😐

      Son Heung-minSon Heung-minPrije mjesec
    • @Son Heung-min we should just get Harry Kane

      KIhairil Amirul ImranKIhairil Amirul ImranPrije mjesec
    • I'd be happy 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

      Son Heung-minSon Heung-minPrije mjesec
  • If Alaba joins PSG, the UCL is a three way horserace between Paris, Bayern and City next year

    Siddhanth anandSiddhanth anandPrije mjesec
  • Tuchel 😂 gladbatch 😂

    Chicken LoverChicken LoverPrije mjesec
  • did anyone hear her say mongladbach instead of monchengladbach or is it just me

    Dhruv LalwaniDhruv LalwaniPrije mjesec
    • I even thought she meant a different club😂

      JegzzJegzzPrije mjesec
    • No, it's not just you

      Adam SimpsonAdam SimpsonPrije mjesec
    • Yep she did not say it correctly once

      Lewis LyneLewis LynePrije mjesec
    • I did lol

      Rishabh AgrawalRishabh AgrawalPrije mjesec
  • Imagining getting a heart from OneFootball I love your videos and you app btw

    Carl FisherCarl FisherPrije mjesec
    • Thank OneFootball for giving a heart

      Carl FisherCarl FisherPrije mjesec
  • Im sorry but the people who dislike videos i dont get lol

    Philipp CutterPhilipp CutterPrije mjesec
  • Bring back time stamps

    Ashes ChatterjeeAshes ChatterjeePrije mjesec
  • move to athletic madrid

    Justin RobertsJustin RobertsPrije mjesec
  • I want the country i support france to host world cup

    The Asian Sensational F.CThe Asian Sensational F.CPrije mjesec
  • Matt is Awesome.. ..but I Always 💚 when Angelina is on. GGMU 👊🏼

    MiNiMiNiPrije mjesec
  • 0:50 von.lol

    Raul BoyceRaul BoycePrije mjesec
  • Imagine waking up and hearing 2022 world cup will take place in England 😍😍😍

    Boss ManBoss ManPrije mjesec
  • id like to see England host a world cup just for our young players to see what it is like to play in the world cup at home

    Jake RobinsonJake RobinsonPrije mjesec
  • Ramos to psg

    The Asian Sensational F.CThe Asian Sensational F.CPrije mjesec
  • India

    J8DJ8DPrije mjesec
  • Alaba to Barcelona with LaPorta coming

    The Asian Sensational F.CThe Asian Sensational F.CPrije mjesec
  • 2030 world cup Bahamas 😂

    Alix SthilaireAlix SthilairePrije mjesec
  • Wait, United wants a defender who can actually defend? Nah that can‘t be true

    Semmi TümkayaSemmi TümkayaPrije mjesec
    • 😂😂

      Kikola MoiseKikola MoisePrije mjesec
  • I hope it's either in turkey or UK

    Sarp CoskunSarp CoskunPrije mjesec
  • Ramos will not depart, are you guys living under a rock?

    DarshilDarshilPrije mjesec