Liverpool ANSWER Salah to Bayern rumours! + Everton 5-4 Tottenham REACTION!

11. Vel 2021.
61 510 Pregleda

On Today's Daily News - Liverpool reject Salah-Bayern transfers rumours, A mad night of Cup action including Everton 5-4 Tottenham and Sevilla 2-0 Barcelona, Neymar injury curse strikes again ahead of PSG's Champions League clash with Barcelona, Cavani in transfer talks away from Man United already and a news round up!
00:00 Intro
00:19 Salah to Bayern rumours
01:58 Cup action
04:36 Neymar injury!
05:37 Cavani to leave United?
06:48 Transfer round-up
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  • Liverpool fans: Would you sell Salah if it meant you could afford Mbappe?

    OneFootball EnglishOneFootball EnglishPrije 20 dana
    • Yep would do that

      Max LathamMax LathamPrije 18 dana
    • Definitely

      Gream The GreatGream The GreatPrije 18 dana
    • @HeyItsMe Abz ye thats is ok them players arnt great so who gonna sell them to leeds haha

      Jake FaheyJake FaheyPrije 19 dana
    • @Jake Fahey we need to sell shaq,firmino,origi

      HeyItsMe AbzHeyItsMe AbzPrije 19 dana
    • @HeyItsMe Abz we need wijnaldum we cant sell him sell shaqiri he isnt that good anymore we dont even need a new striker just better defense

      Jake FaheyJake FaheyPrije 19 dana
  • Manchester United, please take dalot back

    GOD GODGOD GODPrije 18 dana
  • Salah is imposibile move to bayern

    Florin MihaiFlorin MihaiPrije 18 dana
  • Never asked for salah

    Sascha _GERSascha _GERPrije 18 dana
  • No one at Bayern ever talked about signing Salah.. It came from an Interview after the Egypt team in the Fifa club world cup. The president only said after beeing asked if mo is any good that he is. Weird what u ccan make out of that

    JanJanPrije 19 dana
  • if Salah wanted more money he would go to Man City

    iso. Caiiiso. CaiiPrije 19 dana
  • Check out the HRex channel Abir Zaken

    Lahav ZakenLahav ZakenPrije 19 dana
  • 1:37 It's Van dijk who earns 220k per week👍

    Damo and FDODamo and FDOPrije 19 dana
  • Hi Matt how are you

    Elias Vanden BrouckeElias Vanden BrouckePrije 19 dana
  • i think neymar will be out for 4 weeks

    Sini NazaruddinSini NazaruddinPrije 19 dana
  • I like that yall are uploading daily

    DeadFireDeadFirePrije 19 dana
  • Bayern needs to build the defense, not attack atm

    Fuerte FarmerFuerte FarmerPrije 20 dana
  • I might be 10 hours late but I never miss the daily news

    SiaSiaPrije 20 dana
  • Salah to Bayern??? Lmfao Bayern wouldn't even take messi if they could afford him, but we'd want salah? Our wings are packed.

    Josiah LutchmanJosiah LutchmanPrije 20 dana
  • I dont think either team was the better team in everton vs tottenham and neither team can look at it and think wow we did well...

    I_Am_InsanitysI_Am_InsanitysPrije 20 dana
  • Umtiti for the win 😂😂🔥

    Langz MjaliLangz MjaliPrije 20 dana
  • Rummenigge said in the same sentence, that they obviously wont buy him/cant buy him during this pandemic ... kinda important thing to NOT to mention but oh well

    GTDGTDPrije 20 dana
  • Every time Matt talks about spurs losing, you can see a bit of his soul dying inside

    Peter EdeoghonPeter EdeoghonPrije 20 dana
  • Neymar just want to be with his sister

    VibhavVibhavPrije 20 dana
  • If Liverpool are still refusing to sell this guy, they still haven't learned. Sell him and use the money to bring in some young blood. Salah is only concerned about scoring goals to the detriment of the team. Bring in someone who will play as a member of the team and not a stat hunter.

    Hayyuu AliHayyuu AliPrije 20 dana
  • On the spurs and everton match i was a mutual fan so its me i am the mutual fan 😁

    Ray -ZARay -ZAPrije 20 dana
  • What a great performance by One Football Fan Favourite Samuel Umtiti!!!!!.....Great job u idiots

    George SunnyGeorge SunnyPrije 20 dana
  • Entertaining game

  • Everton played very good what are u talking about, and what do u mean by "they could not find the back of the net" 😂

    BrianBrianPrije 20 dana
  • Cavani cant leave after just joining

    The Asian Sensational F.CThe Asian Sensational F.CPrije 20 dana
  • Dimaria and neymar to miss gifting Barcelona especially since Barcelona lost to sevilla

    The Asian Sensational F.CThe Asian Sensational F.CPrije 20 dana
  • I feel so sorry for Matt , who has to talk about his club's awful performance week in week out

    Joe AniekanJoe AniekanPrije 20 dana
  • yes 150 million

    Gary morgan LFCGary morgan LFCPrije 20 dana
  • But to be honest that was never a penalty for Everton

    Bashar Malla OthmanBashar Malla OthmanPrije 20 dana
  • I just like the intro.

    Hassan Zafar Zaman Muhamad Zafar IqbalHassan Zafar Zaman Muhamad Zafar IqbalPrije 20 dana
  • 3:44 “they couldn’t find the back of the net.” Matt what are you talking about they scored 4 times😂😂

    Football is lifeFootball is lifePrije 20 dana
  • Neymar injured for 4 weeks

    Ryan BhanRyan BhanPrije 20 dana
  • Moise kean plyz dr 😂😂😂😂

    Alex QuintanaAlex QuintanaPrije 20 dana
  • lol if you would have read the entire interview you would have known that Bayern never wanted to buy Salah or anything close to that, it never was a topic or a rumour or anything close to that but hey clickbait I guess....

    Jona KolorzJona KolorzPrije 20 dana
  • At this point ney shouldn't play any game around the ro16, he should just train and sit out until the time passes

    Edwin BowahEdwin BowahPrije 20 dana
  • how do they keep getting shot of Messi looking confused all the time

    maloy markmaloy markPrije 20 dana
  • What is new camp you say camp now

    Gabriel BGabriel BPrije 20 dana
  • I think van dijk has the highest wage

    Uzzy SergioUzzy SergioPrije 20 dana

    Bliss SinBliss SinPrije 20 dana
  • I dunno if it's cause of the whole UK lockdown or the studio is being renoed or just issues but this episode was really echoy, like noticeably so, maybe put up some blankets or something if it's because of the first reason I gave

    Scott DallyScott DallyPrije 20 dana
  • What's with the echo

    Brian MatengaBrian MatengaPrije 20 dana
  • Matt did Moise kean dirtyy

    K Nanda gopalK Nanda gopalPrije 20 dana
  • 4:22 Mat's Face

    Sagnik SarkarSagnik SarkarPrije 20 dana
  • Hey Matt

    abdulrahman alaliabdulrahman alaliPrije 20 dana
  • Who is a Liverpool fan here

    Cesc Junior097Cesc Junior097Prije 20 dana
  • No chance Bayern could buy Salah, too expensive

    Santiago ChSantiago ChPrije 20 dana
  • Matt said tottenham couldn't find the back of the net👀. I beg to differ😂

    Javain DavisJavain DavisPrije 20 dana
  • Neymar:you know the plan Opposition:yes His zister:ill see you at my party PSG:🤣 your playing even if your injured b*tch

    Carlos DungaCarlos DungaPrije 20 dana
  • Love this show❤️

    killen kgwaraekillen kgwaraePrije 20 dana
  • Bayern do not want that flop lol

    Miss PhillipaMiss PhillipaPrije 20 dana
  • Sister´s birthday coming up. Neymar: Aight, time to do my thing.

    Alexandre NabaisAlexandre NabaisPrije 20 dana
  • I cancelled my football subscription, had enough of seeing sh*t and paying for it! Will always love Spurs but sick and tired of their digusting performances! #COYS

    Zairul Bin MohamadZairul Bin MohamadPrije 20 dana
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 haha matt spurs suck

    patpatPrije 20 dana
  • Barca sell the Real Messi and bring in the Egyptian Messi 😂

    Kylian SYKylian SYPrije 20 dana
  • Thanks Matt for the transfer news

    Rahim SHRahim SHPrije 20 dana
  • Individual errors cost both teams. That’s kind of how football works

    SANDERSSANDERSPrije 20 dana
  • Where is Miss Kelly the videos would be drastically improved with her #AngelinaKelly

    Sherrad GGMUFCSherrad GGMUFCPrije 20 dana
  • Well, Neymar is just Neymar.

    HKT48 James MilnerHKT48 James MilnerPrije 20 dana
  • If someone’s loosing you make a hate of sick of you. We are brave enough to control our fear,stay out of it you brainless 🤮

    Subhadeep SonowalSubhadeep SonowalPrije 20 dana
  • Neymar injured.... If mbappe and verrati and navas is injured then barca can't win the match. . caz his depence.... I am so worry caz i am barca fan

    AcrobaTic guy FLipsAcrobaTic guy FLipsPrije 20 dana
  • What happened in that last scene Lol

    Reece-ArukoeReece-ArukoePrije 20 dana
  • I wouldn't want Salah at Bayern anyway, he isnt good enough. Also the transfer fee would be too high which Bayern are notorious for not going to high in.

    SEMIRUSEMIRUPrije 20 dana
    • @Cooler Than You Films depends I would say, on a technical level he might be good enough but not mentally. Bayern have a high expectation and competitive mindset so they select their players who can live up to that and are always willing to meet high standards. I just dont see that in Mo Salah recently, wish I did though as generally speaking he is a great player. I watch Liverpool as much as I do Bayern München.

      SEMIRUSEMIRUPrije 19 dana
    • Bruh he’s definitely good enough but ye don’t need him cause ye already have gnabry

      Cooler Than You FilmsCooler Than You FilmsPrije 19 dana
  • Messi get more than 1 million a week

    Jobin JohnJobin JohnPrije 20 dana
  • 7:33 That was so hilarious, LMAO

    Akhil RoyAkhil RoyPrije 20 dana
    • 9:43 as well!

      Han SoloHan SoloPrije 20 dana
  • How can barca and real pay that money anymroe with them in debt

    Dylan HickmanDylan HickmanPrije 20 dana
  • Soft goals, what match did you watch?

    Ray DavisRay DavisPrije 20 dana
  • What a coincidence, Neymar getting injured before his sisters birthday and near the round of 16 of the champions league

    Shams ImamShams ImamPrije 20 dana
  • Everyone pls take one moment out just to go sub to OneFootball English because honestly they deserve it with all these daily videos they put up and all the great content👌.I absolutely love the content and I am sure everyone else does too 🙂

    abdulahi aliabdulahi aliPrije 20 dana
  • It just looks wrong to see cavani in anything else than a PSG kit

    kaloyan petrovkaloyan petrovPrije 20 dana
  • Matt you're the GOAT of this channel please never leave

    PaiwandPaiwandPrije 20 dana
  • Rummeniege did say that Salah is not a priority tho👀

    Mr. DyceMr. DycePrije 20 dana
  • I don’t think Salah’s motive would be more money. He said himself that Real and Barca are top clubs and any player would wish to play for them. So he would leave Liverpool for a bigger club no problem.

    DealWithItDealWithItPrije 20 dana
    • @Leasha Because he’s not stupid. He saw everybody freak out about his previous comments.

      DealWithItDealWithItPrije 20 dana
    • But also said that's the club decision

      LeashaLeashaPrije 20 dana
  • Nightmare upset day yesterday, sevilla, Atalanta and Everton won yesterday

    The Asian Sensational F.CThe Asian Sensational F.CPrije 20 dana
  • "injury curse" LOOOL

    Hakeem NewtonHakeem NewtonPrije 20 dana
  • Sad to say injury crisis again, dest, pjanic, neymar and callum wilson

    The Asian Sensational F.CThe Asian Sensational F.CPrije 20 dana
  • Love your videos keep it up❤️

    Safwan AhmedSafwan AhmedPrije 20 dana
  • When it was announced that Ronaldo would be playing against messi , Ronaldo got covid When suarez had to play against messi the coming match , Suarez got covid When Neymar had to play against messi , Ney got injured. Just think about this for a moment ......

    MoonMoonPrije 20 dana
  • fuck EVERTON

    Avi GargAvi GargPrije 20 dana
  • Gotta love these videos!

    HJT 2005HJT 2005Prije 20 dana
  • Sorry Matt for rubbing salt in the wounds, but I’m an Everton and that game was AWESOME

    B 10B 10Prije 20 dana
    • Hey you guys showed me a Man U fan how it fells when we come back

      K Mek RandallK Mek RandallPrije 20 dana
    • I do love people who are an Everton

      nobody cares 123nobody cares 123Prije 20 dana
    • Nice Everton fan

      DFSEmpireDFSEmpirePrije 20 dana
    • Haha no worries, it was an awesome game to be fair!

      OneFootball EnglishOneFootball EnglishPrije 20 dana
  • 02:16 Best player in La Liga, as will be voted for on Instagram.

    Ezekiel NduliEzekiel NduliPrije 20 dana
  • yeah boi neymar have to come back next week Tuesday

    Stephen SealesStephen SealesPrije 20 dana
  • why is there so much echo?

    AlphanumAlphanumPrije 20 dana
  • At 3:57, that is a broken man right there

    Noel VargheeseNoel VargheesePrije 20 dana
  • Imagine paying anyone ‘600k’ a week😖

    kyro mitchellkyro mitchellPrije 20 dana
    • Lots of people get paid that, just some you dont know about haha

      OneFootball EnglishOneFootball EnglishPrije 20 dana
  • If salah joins Bayern I will start playing like a good goal keeper

    Best In the World-Joshua KimmichBest In the World-Joshua KimmichPrije 20 dana
  • No trophy for spurs this season

    Rishab BantiyaRishab BantiyaPrije 20 dana
  • Matt says you ur a Tottenham fan

    Solar _ ManicSolar _ ManicPrije 20 dana
  • Neymar is injured on his Sisters birthday so he can give her, her birthday present 😟😳😲

    R - A - BR - A - BPrije 20 dana
  • 1-0 was possible for Barca, but Rakitic pinned them to the wall.

    SSPrije 20 dana
  • man said bamba contract im done 1:50

    muaad omarmuaad omarPrije 20 dana
  • Salah won't get a good new contract in 2023 he's too old

    sol portersol porterPrije 20 dana
  • Bono was a beast in goalkeeping

    Football AlbumFootball AlbumPrije 20 dana
  • Atlanta lost to Lazio in 2019 not Napoli

    Bahniman Rajkonwar DasBahniman Rajkonwar DasPrije 20 dana
  • Neymar out Di Maria out Navas out 😉 Yes yes yes 😂 we have chance guys

    Mr NeelMr NeelPrije 20 dana
  • Thanks Matt for daily news

    SVVNS online learning materialSVVNS online learning materialPrije 20 dana
  • Rakitic say if he score he didn't celebrate he already knows that he going to score

    Mr NeelMr NeelPrije 20 dana
  • Champions league is starting soon and he can’t even play against his old club

  • as a bayern fan if we somehow get salah i'd be floored.

    Apoorv MathurApoorv MathurPrije 20 dana
  • Are you joking? Everton’s goals were clinical every spurs goal was off a defensive mistake😂😂😂

    Jdjdjcjx HehxjxjdJdjdjcjx HehxjxjdPrije 20 dana
    • Are you joking? 4 of Everton’s goals are off a defensive mistake

      Noah LieNoah LiePrije 19 dana