Ronaldo to Man United MORE likely than Real Madrid! + The New Messi!

17. Ožu 2021.
55 470 Pregleda

On today’s OneFootball Daily News, with Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Juventus uncertain, it seems like Manchester United would be more likely to resign the player than Real Madrid, Barcelona have their eye on Rapid Vienna’s Yusuf Demir who has been dubbed the 'Austrian Messi', there were wins in the Champions League for Real Madrid against Atalanta and Manchester City against Gladbach as Pep Guardiola’s team are still on track to achieve the quadruple, a transfer round up and this week’s Great Debate!
0:00 Introduction
0:17 Ronaldo’s future
2:36 The Austrian Messi
3:53 UCL latest
6:34 Transfer/news round up
7:10 The Great Debate
#Ronaldo #UCL #ManUnited
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  • We probably know the answer to this one, but if you were Ronaldo would you prefer to return to Man United or Real Madrid?

    OneFootball EnglishOneFootball EnglishPrije mjesec
    • United cuz that’s were the ronaldo era started (ik he was in sporting before)

    • United

      Skyren FilmsSkyren FilmsPrije mjesec
    • Real

      Abdullahi SaliminAbdullahi SaliminPrije mjesec
    • United

      ethan sanithuethan sanithuPrije mjesec
    • Man United is more likely to splash the cash to acquire Ronaldo. As they don’t mind purchasing older players for a short term fix. As Madrid fan the CR7 era is done. The club will be looking forward for the future. To aquire Mbappe or Haaland.

      Chris BautistaChris BautistaPrije mjesec
  • L

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s MemesCristiano Ronaldo’s MemesPrije 29 dana
  • Ronaldo go to MANCHESTER United

    Wasiem JagersWasiem JagersPrije mjesec
  • The greatest one I've seen was Kompanys strike against Leicester

    Craig wilsonCraig wilsonPrije mjesec
  • What about Neymar?

    Hashim abbasi AbbasiHashim abbasi AbbasiPrije mjesec
  • Yeah well he can't win you the champions league with that shit midfield.

    ShahZaib KhanShahZaib KhanPrije mjesec
  • Rooney overhead kick manchester derby

    Molamin KintehMolamin KintehPrije mjesec
  • Matt wouldn't be happy you making an Arsenal player's goal the best one! 😂

    Devanshu BharadwajDevanshu BharadwajPrije mjesec
  • Board need to involve Sir Alex Ferguson for convincing Cr7. He may not be able to say no to his football father.

    Capt. CoCoCapt. CoCoPrije mjesec
  • united

    mohsin hussainmohsin hussainPrije mjesec
  • 3:43 nice editing

    WoofInnitWoofInnitPrije mjesec
  • Henry’s bicycle kick

    Henry NewboldHenry NewboldPrije mjesec
  • Cr7 shud not return to Utd. They don't have place for a winger in their formation.

    Akshit SojiAkshit SojiPrije mjesec
  • if Harland goes to Barca it could be endgame. I feel like if that move happens we could see Barca thrash Europe. imagine a organized well coached and right player for each position, a complete Barca vs Bayern.

    Jainal MirazJainal MirazPrije mjesec
  • Gareth Bales volley vs Stoke in 08/10

    leo bingelleo bingelPrije mjesec
  • No Saltford City shout out this week??😅😅😅 Angelina would’ve loved that trophy win

    kevie frederickkevie frederickPrije mjesec
  • Man utd can offer Ronaldo back to old trafford cause bis leadership and experience could help the like of grennwood and rashford

    Coca Cola 1Coca Cola 1Prije mjesec
  • There won't be a new messi

    Mathias SquiresMathias SquiresPrije mjesec
  • I just love the way she says BUT

    mein namemein namePrije mjesec
  • Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Tebello KoatsaTebello KoatsaPrije mjesec
  • Boot

    Sangam PradhanSangam PradhanPrije mjesec
  • For me its the rooney bicycle kick

    Chedid GamerChedid GamerPrije mjesec
  • My favorite Prem goal has one player's name all over it...

    Đā 1st5thĐā 1st5thPrije mjesec
  • Cristiano needs to come home to Lisbon and Sporting Clube de Portugal

    BernardoBernardoPrije mjesec
  • For me as a life long man city fan it's got to be the Agueroooo moment

    HYSTERIA 0161HYSTERIA 0161Prije mjesec
  • Vinicius junior was good this week ngl

    zak abdizak abdiPrije mjesec
  • Ronaldo is the greatest of all time

    Karl Fredrik MeiklKarl Fredrik MeiklPrije mjesec
  • Jesus vs liverpool

    Malvin MpiMalvin MpiPrije mjesec
  • Atlanta was robbed and they also played poorly

    Jason KirbyJason KirbyPrije mjesec
  • No Ronaldo should stay where he is.

    Jason KirbyJason KirbyPrije mjesec
  • Ok then lets not mention the referring in tge real game😑😑

    Armin AghazadehArmin AghazadehPrije mjesec
  • Juventus > Man utd. There is no reason why he would leave. He will only go to clubs that are in better position like Psg and Real.

    rdjrdjPrije mjesec
  • "The new Messi" is probably gonna be another flop just like so many others before him that were given that title.

    Thabane NtshangaseThabane NtshangasePrije mjesec
  • Man united

    benito 456benito 456Prije mjesec
  • The new messi? Then this kid will be flop soon. Media always ruined young talent just because of this. People will hyped him and later being overrated then disappear just like that. 4/5 years later. What happened with the new messi? It just because of this!! Stop it. Don't praised this kids too much. Let him focus don't put pressure on him. He's still has long way to go. Please. There are plenty always like this. " new messi. New ronaldo " at the end we all know. Cr messi is another level. They're irreplaceable.

    D' soriesD' soriesPrije mjesec
  • Imagine messi vs ronaldo at the two Manchester clubs

    AndyTronAndyTronPrije mjesec
  • Ronaldo + bruno Portuguese magnificos ❤️❤️🔥

    Gamer. 24Gamer. 24Prije mjesec
  • Arent United the only English club to win a Treble? Thereby making them the English club closets to winning a Quadruble by definition?

    Haraldr HaldefjürdHaraldr HaldefjürdPrije mjesec
  • I agree with Dennis Berkamps goal against Newcastle

    Usman MahmoodUsman MahmoodPrije mjesec
  • boooot

    Haraldr HaldefjürdHaraldr HaldefjürdPrije mjesec
  • Ronaldo free kick vs Portsmouth Absolute class

    Katarzyna Lewandowska-TurzynskaKatarzyna Lewandowska-TurzynskaPrije mjesec
  • Luis saurez picks the ball out of the sky on his shoulder against Newcastle.

    Steven GordonSteven GordonPrije mjesec
  • dicanio scicor kick goal

    Samantha Penn-cerroSamantha Penn-cerroPrije mjesec
  • who would take the pens i guess there is enough to go around

    Ayush RathorAyush RathorPrije mjesec
  • But think about this zlatan and cavane both played for psg before they moved to man u

    Reece's channelReece's channelPrije mjesec
  • Ronlado 🇵🇹 Bruno, Duo 🔥

    Amin HussainAmin HussainPrije mjesec
  • I hate it when it's Angelina doing this and not matt ffs

    Mason MountMason MountPrije mjesec
  • Why do they always compare proven stars with up coming talents . I hate that shit ! Let everyone be themselves

    Angela JosephAngela JosephPrije mjesec
  • How many messi's are there ?

    Forza Inter milanoForza Inter milanoPrije mjesec
  • Stop ruining people's life by calling anybody next Messi or Ronaldo.

    Syed JalaluddeenSyed JalaluddeenPrije mjesec
  • My favorite EPL is the one scored by Giroud. Lamela's one is a close second. These are goals you don't see often.

    Lindokuhle NgcamuLindokuhle NgcamuPrije mjesec
  • Great Debate: My fav Premier League goal is Vincent Kompany's laser against Leicester City, I'm a City fan and it was basically the League winning goal

    Tax Evader22Tax Evader22Prije mjesec
  • The best prem goal has to be David Beckham's goal vs Wimbledon in 1996 From the half line

  • I would love to see Messi and Ronaldo, not in the el Classico but in the manchester derby, still rivals

    R KumaresanR KumaresanPrije mjesec
  • Erik Edman vs Liverpool

    Leo WahrenLeo WahrenPrije mjesec
  • any player dubbed the next messi is literally asking the player to flop

    rdfgg gghvdfrdfgg gghvdfPrije mjesec

    Prattun SahaPrattun SahaPrije mjesec
  • The Great Debate: Vinny's wonderstrike against Leicester will always be one of my favorite goals of all time

    Jungwoo KimJungwoo KimPrije mjesec
  • They can win ucl if they buy EH9

    Riquelme JeroeRiquelme JeroePrije mjesec
  • If real doensnt get haaland they can return cr7

    Riquelme JeroeRiquelme JeroePrije mjesec
  • My favourite goal is Eden Hazard's goal against liverpool in the 2018-2019 season when he had one two and passed few defenders and scored

    Erick SangaErick SangaPrije mjesec
  • Guess fm 21 got demir correct again

    shadrick masinashadrick masinaPrije mjesec
  • I think Florian Wirtz is a better player.

    Natal KumarNatal KumarPrije mjesec
  • lets hope the Austrian messiah doesnt fail his career and join German politics

    ZesmoZesmoPrije mjesec
  • I missed Ronaldo at old trafford😢

    FireproFireproPrije mjesec
  • Best goal: Ronaldo free kick for United You know the one

    Olster 4545Olster 4545Prije mjesec
  • It’s my BDAY tmrw can I get a shoutout in tmrws daily news please it would make my day 👍😀 thanks From J

    Jamie RodwayJamie RodwayPrije mjesec
  • dean: and my money is on man city angelina: Y E S

    Gaming monsters inc.Gaming monsters inc.Prije mjesec
  • It’s happening again and I’m going to fall for it once again

    Reverse Flash PlaysReverse Flash PlaysPrije mjesec
  • That's clickbait, I really thought they were going to say gundo is the next messi

    Dhruv JainDhruv JainPrije mjesec
  • Best goal ever Aaron ramsays ultimate team goal

    JemeneryJemeneryPrije mjesec
  • Who else prefer Matt over Angelina?

    Ahmed BasitAhmed BasitPrije mjesec
  • How do you say that ronaldo is in great shape? I can see that you don’t watch the Serie A. I'm italian by the way

    Federico ValleriFederico ValleriPrije mjesec
  • Best ever premier league goal is definitely agueroooooo🤷🏼‍♂️

    Hoshen HemoHoshen HemoPrije mjesec
  • Where are my Austrian fellas?

    Lukas PfeiferLukas PfeiferPrije mjesec
  • He can’t bring them a championship league if the whole team is awful in general

    David VelasquezDavid VelasquezPrije mjesec
  • Oliver G's goal with Arsenal which won the Puskas but not the goal of the month. Also maybe Cristiano Ronaldo's goal which won the 2009 puskas.

    VIneeta AgrawalVIneeta AgrawalPrije mjesec
  • guys bayern is winning the trple again it's inevitable

    Chain_WaxyChain_WaxyPrije mjesec
  • im gonna go with ronaldos solo goal against fulham in 06/07 because not only was it an amazing goal but it was scored in the 87th minute, and was the winner, being the second goal in a 2-1 win. it was arguably the goal that eventually won them man utd the league. or agueros goal against qpr just because of how important it was.

    Miguel JaquesMiguel JaquesPrije mjesec

    Book And MovieBook And MoviePrije mjesec
  • Totally irrelevant joke, What does a Librarian say after you finished a book? *Read More*

    Manpro107Manpro107Prije mjesec
  • Search

    Manpro107Manpro107Prije mjesec
  • Ronaldo to Real Madrid will be a mess.

    Shan00Shan00Prije mjesec
  • You guys could easily a video all those players who were called the next Messi with how often players were called that 😉

    PerfectDarkPerfectDarkPrije mjesec
  • As a Madrid fan, I would also be happy is Ronaldo moves to Man United if not Real Madrid

    Shan00Shan00Prije mjesec
  • For me the best perimer league goal was rooney's bicycle kick

    Hasham TahirHasham TahirPrije mjesec
  • Personally I’d have Townsends volley against city up as one of the best goals in the premier league era

    M4R1U5 hanssenM4R1U5 hanssenPrije mjesec
  • If ronaldo goes to united i want messi to city

    OscarOscarPrije mjesec
  • One football is the best football news in HRex. I appreciate that you liked my comments

    Zakaria Ben brikZakaria Ben brikPrije mjesec
  • He should come back to Manchester United not real Madrid

    Arik MahmudArik MahmudPrije mjesec
  • There's always a hype new Messi n Ronaldo Let's face it they a lifetime phenomenon

    Ramen MahapatraRamen MahapatraPrije mjesec
  • If man utd agree to Ronaldo - pobga swap then Ronaldo could join man utd

    Tejas kumarTejas kumarPrije mjesec
  • Wayne Rooney's overhead goal for man United is my favourite prem goal

    Capitol ControversyCapitol ControversyPrije mjesec
  • I’m sorry no but as a man united fan I don’t want Ronaldo he’s getting older he’s gonna cost a lot.

    KyleF841KyleF841Prije mjesec
  • I swear this girl is so stupid

    RBHRBHPrije mjesec
  • Rooneys bicycle vs man city is unarguably the best goal ever in the premier league

    adeeb sajadadeeb sajadPrije mjesec
  • You are so fast

    Kushe NgolofwanaKushe NgolofwanaPrije mjesec
  • aguerooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo best prem goal ever in my opinion

    Charlie TaylorCharlie TaylorPrije mjesec
  • Gladbatsch

    Kai HennekeKai HennekePrije mjesec
  • Demiral was class in career mode

    Rob The KaiserRob The KaiserPrije mjesec